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04 June 2014

Rodney Pike Humorous Illustrator: My Work on CelebriQuiz - A New Google App (REBLOG)

Check out this man's work on CelebriQuiz, a  new Google app for iPhones and iPads. Download it here and upvote my images: ...

You must click through to see this guy's work.  It is nothing short of FANTABULOUS!!!  Yeah that's right.  I couldn't figure out if I wanted to say FANTASTIC or FABULOUS, so I combined the two words.  You could hang out at his site all day looking at the humorous photos.  There's Al Sharpton, Jay-Z, the Pope, Adele, Henry Kissinger, Obama - Barack and Michelle - 2 separate caricatures, etc.  Many people know him already.  He has over 2 million G+ followers.  The image below is from his Google page.  If you're not following him you should.  He is so cool!

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