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28 December 2020

The History of Astrology and the Gifts of the Magi

Some people celebrate the Adoration of the Magi every year on January 6.  Read an interesting article about the history of astrology and how it was applied in the beginning. (Reference: Good Heavens! Oldest-Known Astrologer's Board Discovered | Live Science

Per Wikipedia "Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects."
  • I believe the initial use of the real science of astrology (as opposed to pseudoscience), "in the beginning", i.e. used to predict the weather for agriculture purposes, natural disasters, etc., is the correct use or application of astrology. 

The article goes on to state that people began to say they could apply astrology in human affairs for success

  • I believe that "beginning" (of when people started saying how astrology could be applied) could possibly be the beginning of when scam and con artists began to leave their indelible marks on the history of mankind, i.e. deceivers started telling people they could predict their future success by the stars and that deception has continued to this day (psychic readings, hotlines, etc.). 

  • I believe there is only one exception where, not the stars, but a single star, was applied to human affairs for salvation and its appearance lent itself to the prediction of the rise (success) and fall (failure) of many.

*The star that led the wise men to Jesus.* 

Image credit: Star Of Bethlehem by FullMoonMaster on DeviantArt

The visit of the Magi may be a part of the so-called Christmas tradition but more importantly … it's a true story.  

It's an integral part of the most beautiful story ever told.  

Christmas Tradition: The Gifts of the Magi

Christmas Tradition: The Gifts of the Magi

Every year during the month of December, many people direct their minds to the story about the birth of Jesus, revered by faithful Christians as the Savior of the world. Although the nativity scene always shows the three wise men (also called the three kings) adoring a newborn baby and bearing gifts, the biblical account indicates that their visitation did not occur on the night that Mary gave birth.

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