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20 May 2020

Why Should We Be Thankful For Social Media? (Especially Twitter)

Is there is one thing we can all thank social media for? Yes! QUOTES!

No matter how you’re feeling, ...
No matter who you’re trying to impress, inspire and motivate, ...
No matter if you just need that perfect statement to begin or end your speech or your sermon … 

Just scan social media posts.  Especially Twitter!

There’s got to be a quote for it!

  • Tech developers say there's an app for that.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren says there's a plan for that.
  • With social media, whatever "that" is, there's a quote for that.

In many instances, you will find just the quote you were looking for and in some instances, you’ll find a nice image that goes with it. It might be a photo or drawing of the person who is being quoted. It might just be a pretty picture or a thought-provoking image that is perfectly suited to the quote.

Whether you find the words or the words with an appropriate picture, you are bound to find the quotes that will keep you going! Words that make you happy, make you thankful, make you stronger, make you think. Words that help you prioritize, give you perspective, focus you, and push you forward.

To that last tweet, I quote myself: “NOT! Uhh … you posted this on social media.” (O.o)

Quotes and humor keep me going. ☺  
Hope these quotes keep you going too!

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