31 July 2014

Leadership By Virtue: The Economy and a ‘cultural noise in the background ... (Reblog)

Leadership By Virtue: The Economy and a ‘cultural noise in the background: The word economy can be traced back to the Greek word oikonomos meaning ‘one who manages a household.’ ...
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Jaro Berce's blog, Leadership By Virtue, is a blog about his book by that name.  Just recently started following it and picked up on this because it was listed as one of the “Popular Posts”. Indeed discussing the economy is always “popular”. Those so-called “discussions” can be downright ruthless sometimes. We're talking serious kung fu fighting! Yet and still, in my opinion, gaining even an introductory knowledge and understanding of the topic has its value. 

It's also interesting to note how West meets East, i.e. how westerners make application of eastern philosophy and principles. 

The I Ching or Book of Changes: A Guide to Life's Turning Points

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