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12 August 2014

Get Your Site Listed as a Secure Site in Google Chrome's HTTPS Only List

Some of my kids seem to think my “tone” when making comments can be taken as abrasive or offensive. MOI? No big deal. Most of the time my kids get ignored by me because they don't know what they're talking about. They may not realize this, but before they were ever born, I HAD A LIFE!!!

Anyway, not really being all that tech savvy, this blog post serves as a Thank You note to two gentlemen who overlooked my "tone" and actually reviewed my comments; then took time to respond and explain to me the Big Picture more perfectly. They clearly display the mark of true professionals. Joshua Berg (Texas USA) and Frank Gainsford (South Africa).  Just wanted to give them both a shout out!!  They clarified matters and made things very plain.

Thanks to information shared via a Google Plus stream, attention has been focused on the future of Internet security and what the plans are for everyone to be able to conduct personal or professional business in a secure and safe environment.  Embedded post below but here is the direct link:

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