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20 October 2014

The complete Internet voter’s guide to the 2014 election | The Kernel

(Updated post for 2016 presidential election.  See below.)  Subscribe to The Kernel newsletter, receive it via eMail. Selected partial quotes from this headline story:

  • “in our first-ever official endorsement, we narrowed our decisions down to a handful of important questions about Internet freedom”

  • “a list of candidates running this year for U.S. Congress who we believe stand for a healthier Internet than their opponents”

Sharing a link.  No need to throw in my two cents by way of additional comments cause whoever wrote this article is yelling loud enough for all the citizens in the entire United States of America.  Internet users and non-Internet users.

The complete Internet voter’s guide to the 2014 election

daily dot image

Where do the presidential candidates stand on important Internet issues?

Check out the Free Press Action Fund Internet Voter guide to find out where the candidates stand on Net Neutrality, surveillance and more.