10 December 2014

Representatives Laud A Departing Dean, 59-Year Veteran John Dingell : NPR

The Bible says “Give honor to whom honor is due”. Heard this report on the radio this morning. Today I am celebrating my 59th birthday which means this man has been a loyal and faithful servant of the people for as long as I’ve been living. Want to take a minute to give a shout out to a man who has continued to push the plow so that all the citizens can reap the benefits of the harvest of his hard labor and dedication.  Tribute to a real life Captain America

Representatives Laud A Departing Dean, 59-Year Veteran John Dingell : NPR.

Thank you Honorable Sir.

You have left your indelible signature on
the pages of America’s history.

English: US Politician John Dingell's signature.
English: US Politician John Dingell’s signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Official Congressional portrait of Co...
English: Official Congressional portrait of Congressman John Dingell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captain America image found at glitter-graphics.com

* * * This is just a side note but there seems to be a debate raging about the future of television; a discussion which has not yet peaked my interest. But if there is just one word uttered, moaned, groaned, whispered, or even indirectly hinted at, about getting rid of or replacing public radio broadcasting, putting on my boxing gloves. Gonna have to get into the ring!!!

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