05 January 2015

What is a Subscriber?

What is a Subscriber?  The question is rhetorical.  Everybody knows a subscriber is someone who subscribes to sumthin!

Do you use the Google FeedBurner tool to burn feeds for your blog or blogs? There are several ways to get people to subscribe to your blog feed.

Do you see the little chicklet with the heart?
I heart FeedBurner

This little chicklet is just one of the ways.  

I'm okay with the chicklet and I really really love the Feedburner. But I noticed something interesting about My Feeds almost right from the very start. The Subscriber count. Yeah. (???) The number looks questionable? ... UM?  unreasonable? ... mysterious? I'm going to settle on the word squirrelly. Even though my spellchecker indicates that it's not a word.  

The numbers don't seem to make sense! So I'm thinking, they must be some sort of secret code and I've always had my theory about Rocky and Bullwinkle. So that's why I decided squirrelly was the best way to describe my subscriber count. Anyway I found the answer to my puzzle, as to why the numbers look undecipherable.

I am so glad that I read the response, because it clarifies everything!!   I love the Feedburner tool.  It is a valuable helpful tool and I will continue to use it until Google tells me it's no longer free OR for whatever reason OR for no reason at all, I just won't be allowed to use it.  It's theirs.  They own it.  They can tell me to take a hike!  

But I don't think I'm going to rely on the number of subscribers who supposedly hold their breath and wake up each morning checking their eMail messages or waiting to receive notifications that I've published another blog post!!

WHY?  Because based on the response I read, my non-geek reaction is: 

Oh!  That's why the number looks so funky?
IT'S BOGUS??  (O.o)

Who cares?  Love that feedburner!  
Alternative are available.  But it serves my purposes!



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