03 October 2015

Matcha Tea is Body Fuel - Writedge.com

Are you of Japanese heritage? The people of Japan have been enjoying this green tea since the 12 century. It was served as part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Not sure if they knew it was a super-food. If they did, they were way ahead of us. 

Source: Matcha Tea is Body Fuel - Writedge.com

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Gen Mai Matcha

Our signature Dragon Crisp - Gen Mai Cha, hand-dusted, then gently blended with Grade A Matcha. Caffeine Content: Medium Tasting Notes: Grassy, Malty, Nutty

Ceremonial Matcha Bowl Set

This attractively packaged gift set has all the components necessary for your matcha making needs!  Included: 
  • Ceremonial Matcha Bowl, 
  • 100 Tine Matcha Whisk, and 
  • Bamboo Matcha Scoop.

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