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08 September 2016

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: A reminder about widget links (Reblog)

The problem of unnatural links and page ranking.

I subscribe and receive notifications when posts are published via the:

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog and the

Google Search Console Team.

I keep the eMails, even though most of the time I don't know how to implement their suggestions.  (Should have kept up with technology. The learning curve is steep!)

I appreciate this REMINDER post from the Google god very much because now I know what “add a rel="nofollow" attribute” is for.

As for intentionally manipulating page rank? (Genius geek I am not!) 

  • Why don't the widget makers themselves put that attribute into their own widgets?

  • Why would the users know or even be concerned? All we know is it says “free widgets” and the widgets work!!

Just sayin'.  Just asking!  Seems like the widget maker ought to be responsible. They use the Internet too and should know about page ranking, etc.

Nevertheless, the statements about Google's webspam team performing manual intervention and notification via the Search Console is completely understood.

But … huge question mark … BUT?  But that sort of indicates that sometimes your site can get ZAPPED by non-manual intervention? Doesn't it? (???)

Publishing this post as a marker.

Today is September 8, 2016. I regularly check my messages in the Search Console dashboard and have not received any “Warnings” Whew!

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