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09 February 2018

One World - Multiple Space Colonies

There's a trend in the world of science and space exploration towards colonizing other planets. We all know the motivation behind this. Uh huh.

Mankind is screwing up planet earth; so people are looking and hoping to build a new community in another part of the universe.

To quote Homer Simpson: “Doh!”

As if … we humans won't do the exact same thing if we set up shop elsewhere!

Oh, it will start off all good, just like planet earth did. But there will be one thing wrong with the new world on Mars, Venus, Jupiter, wherever.

There will still be humans living there.

Humans with the same mindset in the new space colony that they had when they lived on planet earth.

Give it some time. Before you know it, someone will pop the question.

Uuummm … how come we don't have a red button?

* REFERENCE: "Countries Which Could Push the Nuclear 'red' Button." BBC Newsbeat. Ed. Life. BBC, 6 Aug. 2015. .

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