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09 April 2020

My Blogging World ~ 2020 and Beyond!

This is my first Blogger blog and it is likely visitors performing an organic search via the search engines will land at this blog before they find links to my other Blogger (Blogspot) blogs. The description for this blog reads:

Welcome to My Blog Stop!, a freestyle home business and personal blog, curating advice, tips, and information for work at home professionals; and blogging about general subjects of interest, art, entertainment, views and opinions, society and culture, etc. This website complements and supplements multiple WAHM projects grouped together as Cmoneyspinner's Home Business Projects on Facebook. Thanks for visiting!

The post archives for My Blog Stop! date back to 2014 and a lot has happened since then. That being the case, this post is to inform blog visitors about my multiple WAHM projects and redirect them to my other fun misadventures in the online world.

My posts at this blog which mainly discussed blogging and writing and other advice, tips and tricks for work-at-home professionals were exported to a new blog called My Blogging World.

2018 was a good year. 2019 was a better year, except for the month of December. My husband passed away. His heart finally gave out of him. I am blessed to have been married for 4 decades. I carry on because I know that's what he expects me to do.

So now it's 2020 and we are in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are staying at home and working at home. For me, there were no adjustments to be made because I've been working from home since 2007.

  • My newest project is publishing a newsletter: T_Fox's Newsletter. (I'm working on coming up with a more catchy name. That one sounds kind of drab, huh? LOL.)

There is a super easy-to-use tool provided by Substack, Inc. You can create an account free. You can set up your newsletter as a free subscription or a paid subscription. I set my newsletter up as a free subscription. My plan IF I get enough subscribers is to charge a small monthly fee or an annual fee. This is a long-term plan.

After all, ever since ad blockers, it has been very difficult to trying to monetize your websites and blogs. In addition, this health crisis has totally changed the way everybody does business.

My short-term plans include continuing with my work-at-home efforts that are showing some profit. These projects include:

So as you can see … I have been staying busy.

Thank you so much for visiting my primary blog. Here are the links to my other blogs:

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Portions of the content also appear at

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