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04 May 2014

Entertainment: Recommended Video Games

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
I don't play video games and have never played. But I have read an article titled on Who Invented Video Games?  My generation thought board games were all the rage. My children, on the other hand, are video game enthusiasts. They can play all day and all night. Apparently the games are highly addictive.

Why do parents let their kids spend so much time participating in this type of activity? Can't speak for other parents, but for me, it's because they're easy to find that way.

There used to be a commercial that came on television late at night and the voice would say something to the effect: “It's 3 AM. Parents, do you know where your children are?

I'm thinking: “Yes! Yes I do!!”
They could be out robbing a convenience store. But oh no! They're role-playing. One of them is Lara Croft, and right at the moment, she's doing whatever it takes to survive on a mysterious island among hostile inhabitants.  So much for my parenting skills.

Tomb Raider (by Square Enix) is one of the many games my kids have in their VG library. Noticed it only because I enjoyed the watching the movies which starred Angelina Jolie and because one day my daughter was playing and Ms. Croft kept getting killed over and over and over. I'm like: “Child! You need to up your survival skills!” Don't know how to play this game, but do know Lara Croft is a survivor! Whatever my daughter was doing she wasn't doing it right! This game has won over 40 awards. That's probably a good indicator of its popularity. Rated M by ERSB, which means among other things it has intense violence, and not suitable for kids under the age of 17.

With respect to games for kids under the age of 17, three have been suggested by my 13 year old. (NOTE TO READER: Her response to a question about “Favorite Video Games” was previously published in an online forum at Postloop Portal.  Reposted here because months before her suggestions were shared at the portal, she had been advising me to write an article or a blog entry about video games.  The other stuff I write about is really boring, she says.  Her honest criticism and constructive input is very much appreciated. :) )

All single player games. (Because she says multi-player VGs make her feel crowded.)
1) Final Fantasy X – the characters are likeable; story and art graphics are fantastic!
2) Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core – the theme of the game is really cool! Plus Aerith and Zach are great characters
3) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – like the fact that FF characters and Disney characters are mixed together. (No doubt, the business geniuses behind this collaborative effort feel the same way.)