02 May 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Big Bad Wolves | Written in Blood (Reblog)

Friday night movie pick?  In the mood for a horror movie? Usually my answer to that question would be “No”. Not my favorite film genre because of a weak stomach that can not easily digest blood and gore – fake or real; and bad dreams which are almost always inevitably a byproduct. But horror film enthusiast John Mountain recently shared a review of Big Bad Wolves at his blog Written in Blood that has me wondering if I should dare myself.

BIG BAD WOLVES | Written in Blood


BIG BAD WOLVES-Israel-110 Mins. 2013 ~ Directed and Written by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado Have you ever watched a film that has so simple and cliché' a plot that you think that it would be child's play to describe it to a friend; yet when the time comes you find yourself at a complete loss for words?...

1) Dare I watch it all the way through with my eyes wide open?

2) Dare I at least listen to the dialogue with my eyes closed because the scenes are too gory?

3) Dare I even watch the movie trailer?
Number 3 could be a deciding factor. For me, even watching a movie preview can cause nightmares. One time, on a date with the man who became my husband, at the theater they showed a preview of Black Christmas. It upset me so much, we had to get up and leave. True story.

Big Bad Wolves is not an American film. It's Israeli-produced and it's a thriller! There's a murder mystery wrapped around the horror and because there's a killer on the loose and the victims were innocent little girls, you have got to know if the Big Bad Wolf gets caught!

Mr. Mountain not only shares his interesting movie reviews, but also discloses some fascinating facts about legendary scream queens and the masters of horror. This fun blog was discovered via the Authentic Blogger Group on Facebook.  Check it out!

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