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26 May 2017

Book Review: Rebuild Your Life Through Creative Visualization | (REBLOG)

Kausar Bilal is a blogger currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan. She is an intelligent passionate woman, very vocal about the world she lives in, and an avid reader who shares book recommendations and reviews at her blog:

Kausar friended me via Facebook and we are both members of the Authentic Blogger Group. She's a real blogger, like the other community members. I'm the wanna be blogger and the folks in the group are just nice enough to let me hang around them. Kausar recently posted her review of “Creative Visualization”, a book written by Shakti Gawain, author of several books in the field of personal development and one of the co-founders of New World Library Publishing CompanyGawain’s book is an international bestseller and was one of the first books sold by her company, which celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2012.  NWL's books are categorized as New Age, as they are intended to encourage spirituality, individual consciousness, and personal growth.  Their catalog includes materials on health and wellness, metaphysics, mythology, women's interest, self-help, relationships and more.  If you visit their website you will note the tagline reads: "Books That Change Lives".  They are dedicated to their mission.

Kausar recommends Gawain's book because she thinks it is practical and convincing. But she also thinks prayers can accomplish the same purpose, i.e. mind clarification and realizing your dreams. But if you're not into praying, the book has value as it teaches you relaxing and visualizing exercises, when to perform them, how to motivate yourself ,and most importantly how to achieve self-actualization.

Through the years, I've have personally gleaned many steps and procedures about learning and memory, cognitive processes, etc. mainly from psychology books. Also, the world abounds with those who have developed their tried and true philosophy and can tell you how to love who are you, where to find the road to peace, happiness and well-being, and how to create your own rainbows. Applying methods and techniques to enhance and improve creative thought processes and fix my brain has been ongoing therapy for me for the past fifty years. (Yeah. The first eight years of my life I was just a goofy carefree kid. :) )

If you're deciding whether to purchase the book, Kausar's review of Gawain's book will be very much appreciated.  Also, not mentioned in the review, but FYI, Creative Visualization can be purchased as an audiobook or CD, if you don't have time to read.

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