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03 October 2017

Decided on What to Wear for Halloween? Use Your B-Day to Decide.

Having trouble deciding on a costume to celebrate Halloween? Here's a fun exercise! Found the B-day chart below shared via Facebook by 95.7 KJR, radio station that plays Seattle's Greatest Hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s and home of Bob Rivers!  (Or the former home of Mr. Rivers.  He retired about a month ago.)  This is so fun!!  It turns out I'm a Screaming Cheerleader, which is not that far from the real me! :)

It seems that I am married a Gruesome Vampire. (Nothing could be further from the truth.)

As for my sons and daughters? Apparently, I've given birth to a:

  • Gruesome Superhero, Werewolf, and Cavewoman;
  • Screaming Cheerleader (yes! I have a child born on my birthday);
  • Screaming Barbie;
  • Chilling Prom Queen and Ghost;
  • Dead Pirate and Dead Ghost (???);
  • Spooky Geek; and
  • Terrifying Clown.  (Halloween2016.  Clowns not allowed.)

Actually?  Out of all of these, the Spooky Geek is spot on!

* * * Need some costume ideas?

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Dress up like a queen for #Halloween ? ~ ~ My personal pick is this Marie Antoinette-style gown. But there are many others to choose from. #Halloweencostumes#medievalfashion #renaissancegown #dresslikeaqueen

10 August 2017

Advantages of Collections on Google Plus

Are you a Google Plusser? Why not? Didn't create an account because there were predictions that Google management was considering kicking the network to the curb? Yes.  There was a buzz about that.

Several years back when Google Plus social media network was still in test mode, I received an invitation via eMail to participate in the project. When the decision was made to open to the public, I was already on board and they even gave me a custom URL for my profile.  My G+ experience has been very pleasant, although there are probably loads of features I have not learned how to use.

One of the features I have learned to use is the Collections.

Google Plus Collections is Google's answer to Pinterest users. Pinterest boards are for you to arrange your interests in an orderly fashion.  G+ Collections help you arrange your G+ posts in an orderly manner.  Why would you need to do that?  Ever try to search for one of your posts or links that you shared into the stream from a few years back?

All my G-Plus activity goes back several years. Tried going to my profile posts stream and scrolling down. That didn't work. If you scroll down your profile page looking for old posts you will discover that the post stream only goes back so far. You say to yourself: “How can this be? Have my posts disappeared?” Of course not! This is Google we're talking about! If Facebook can share your memories with you from years gone by, then there had better be a way to search for and find your old Google Plus posts.

Found a way to do that. It wasn't exactly simple. But it was doable. It is not easy to explain the process, so I'll direct you to the post where I found the information which I saved for future reference in my G+ Collections created for my business page called Tips and Advice for Business (Work-at-Home, etc.):

So how does this all tie together? If you find your old Google Plus activity and move it to your Collections activity, for your profile or your business page, then later you can just go there and retrieve your old posts. As a test, moved an old post from 2012 to a collection on my profile. View here.

So! You can probably conclude that although G+ Collections are good for organizing your Plus activity, in my opinion, the primary advantage of maintaining Collections on Google Plus is that you can retrieve your activity history.

Side Note:
  • All of my G+ Collections are set to Public, so you if you want to look at how my collections are organized, you can view the content even if you are not a member of the network. My Writings, My Work, My World, My Way is my collection which appears on my profile.  (In comparison, you have to have an account with Pinterest to view my various pinboards.  My profile shows 57 boards which include group boards.  Home Business Works on Pinterest.)

Did you find this blog post helpful?
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The information above was shared a year ago.
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26 May 2017

Book Review: Rebuild Your Life Through Creative Visualization | (REBLOG)

Kausar Bilal is a blogger currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan. She is an intelligent passionate woman, very vocal about the world she lives in, and an avid reader who shares book recommendations and reviews at her blog:

Kausar friended me via Facebook and we are both members of the Authentic Blogger Group. She's a real blogger, like the other community members. I'm the wanna be blogger and the folks in the group are just nice enough to let me hang around them. Kausar recently posted her review of “Creative Visualization”, a book written by Shakti Gawain, author of several books in the field of personal development and one of the co-founders of New World Library Publishing CompanyGawain’s book is an international bestseller and was one of the first books sold by her company, which celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2012.  NWL's books are categorized as New Age, as they are intended to encourage spirituality, individual consciousness, and personal growth.  Their catalog includes materials on health and wellness, metaphysics, mythology, women's interest, self-help, relationships and more.  If you visit their website you will note the tagline reads: "Books That Change Lives".  They are dedicated to their mission.

Kausar recommends Gawain's book because she thinks it is practical and convincing. But she also thinks prayers can accomplish the same purpose, i.e. mind clarification and realizing your dreams. But if you're not into praying, the book has value as it teaches you relaxing and visualizing exercises, when to perform them, how to motivate yourself ,and most importantly how to achieve self-actualization.

Through the years, I've have personally gleaned many steps and procedures about learning and memory, cognitive processes, etc. mainly from psychology books. Also, the world abounds with those who have developed their tried and true philosophy and can tell you how to love who are you, where to find the road to peace, happiness and well-being, and how to create your own rainbows. Applying methods and techniques to enhance and improve creative thought processes and fix my brain has been ongoing therapy for me for the past fifty years. (Yeah. The first eight years of my life I was just a goofy carefree kid. :) )

If you're deciding whether to purchase the book, Kausar's review of Gawain's book will be very much appreciated.  Also, not mentioned in the review, but FYI, Creative Visualization can be purchased as an audiobook or CD, if you don't have time to read.

* * * * *
Examples of Books by Publisher: New World Library

25 May 2017

Why Do You Want to Be Friends?

One of the members in another community wrote about social media addiction. I left a comment but this is sort of a follow up. My additional thoughts are much too lengthy to put in a comments box.

I'm not addicted to social media. For me, it's a form of free advertising; plain and simple. I have affiliate marketing websites and blogs. I have to share them somewhere to get traffic to them. But it's also a way to meet new people and make friends; something that's hard to do since I work from home.

Been active on Facebook for well over 5 years. That's what my Facebook memories indicate. I've lost track of the time. I rarely send out friend requests. Perhaps I might meet somebody elsewhere in another community, so I connect with them via FB because it's easy. I recognize them from elsewhere. They usually recognize me. So they click the “Confirm” button.

For about a year, I have been getting requests from people I don't know. I imagine that my profile has somehow gained visibility and people who see my activity want to hook up. I actually had a person click a feature that lets them follow me because my timeline is interesting to them. I'm OK with getting friend requests from strangers. Many of our friends were once a stranger to us. What I'm not OK with is that suspicious feeling of not knowing IF these are real people. Especially the ones with new profiles. I don't want to ignore a human being who is just seeking friendship. But I also don't want some “deadbeat ghost faker” latched on to my profile and following me around. Why?  It feels so queer.  It's not as if I'm a celebrity.  Not that stalking celebrities is OK.  But latching on a nobody also opens a door for "interpretation of one's true intent".

Sometimes I accept friend requests from people I don't know and sometimes I don't. How do I choose? Once might accuse me of “racial profiling”. But I know for a fact it's just “wild guessing”. I look at the person's profile, see if there's something that looks like we have a commonality (or not), and I might click “Confirm” or I might click “Delete”. Sometimes I confirm and go back later and delete. Why? Eh! There was really nothing happening to keep us connected. I had some down time, so I cleaned up my “Friends” network. It's just housekeeping. Nothing personal. After all, it was you who approached with me with the friend request. If you didn't really want to associate with me then why did you send me the friend request in the first place?

I set a goal a while back to reach a Facebook social network of 1000. I've been at 900+ for years. Never knew that goal would be so hard to attain. On Google Plus I'm at 5000 and I don't even know it happened!! Why 1000 for Facebook? Uuumm … it's a round even number. I like round numbers.

Summarizing my thoughts:

Facebook is called Facebookistan because it's membership is large enough for the network to be its own country!

FACT: “... Facebook connects more than nine hundred million monthly users, some 80 percent outside of the United States” (Source: First Stop on the Electronic Silk Road: “Facebookistan”. Yale Books Unbound, 07 Aug. 2013. )


Out of more than 900 million users, why did you pick me to send me a friend request to?

What is that makes people from various parts of the world that I've never met want to send me a friend request?

♦ ♦ ♦

16 July 2015

Everyday Exotic Spices Now on Tsu and Twitter

In 2014, My Blog Stop! subscribers, readers and visitors were introduced to Everyday Exotic Spices, an affiliate advertising home business project - an online shopping site specializing on grocery and gourmet products such as, herbs and spices, gourmet food gifts, herbal teas, and more - under the umbrella of Cmoneyspinner's Home Business Projects. In the blog post (text link below), a link to the official website and links to activity on Pinterest, and the business pages on Facebook and Google Plus were provided.  

"Everyday Exotic Spices Presents Fabulous Food Finds"

Very happy and excited to announce that:
Everyday Exotic Spices is now on Tsū and Twitter.
(The Tsu site shut down.)

►  Everyday Exotic Spices is a member of the ‪‎Tsunation‬. Tsū is a ‪social network‬ similar to Facebook & Twitter. Offers potential for brand new fan base and a revenue-share plan. Must be invited to join the network. You're invited!  

Click the link, complete a short form and you're in!

Everyday Exotic Spices on Tsu

►  A dedicated Everyday Exotic Spices Twitter account was created to expand EES ‪foodie‬ adventures around the web! Tweeted ‪the first tweet‬, July 16, 2015, to mark the ‪anniversary‬ date! ‪

Hope you will follow on Twitter.

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