30 June 2014

Small Town USA - Grapevine, Texas (near Dallas)

Forbes recognized Dallas as an “economic superstar”; and Grapevine, Texas is a nearby town.
  • Travel approximately 20 miles southeast to reach Dallas, TX.
  • Latest Population Figure (2010): Almost 50,000

Interesting Celebrity Tidbits!
-  Willie Nelson, the Judds, Jimmy Dean, LeAnn Rimes have performed at the Grapevine Opry. Source: *Grapevine Opry*
-  "On April 1, 1934, Bonnie and Clyde encountered two young highway patrolmen near Grapevine, Texas. Before the officers could draw their guns, they were shot. ..." (FBI — Bonnie and Clyde)
- In recent years several wineries have opened in Grapevine. Not surprising since there are so many mustang grapes. "They taste simply awful, but their wine is very respectable!" (Quote Source: "Winemaking: Mustang Grape Wine." The Winemaking Home Page. Web.)

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Also close to Dallas, Texas but Hurst, Euless, and Coppell, Texas are also nearby cities.
  • Hurst, a Quality of Life City, is located in the heart of the DFW metropolitan area, 10 miles from downtown Fort Worth and 25 miles from downtown Dallas.
  • Euless, known as "Tree City USA", is part of the Mid-Cities between Dallas and Fort Worth.
  • Coppell, close to the D/FW International Airport; considered to be "A Family Community For a Lifetime".

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