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13 July 2018

Cedar Park, Texas – Small City-Town USA

Cedar Park, Texas is part of the Greater Austin Community.

It is is a small city-town, near Austin, Texas, the state capital, that was incorporated in 1973. Since 2005, the community’s population has grown by about 30%. In 2010 the population was a little under 50,000 and by 2015, it is projected that the population will have increased by another 30% to approximately 65,000.

The boundary lines encompass two Texas counties, Travis and Williamson, and it is is the third largest city in the Austin Metro area.

It is a lovely and thriving family oriented community with a rural feel to it; located just 20 minutes from downtown Austin, the state’s capital; making it close enough to provide easy access to all the facilities and services the big city has to offer. A current project, the Schlitterbahn Cedar Park; a water park resort, had a targeted opening date of May 2012; however, the incentive package expired. The City Council is still interested and they are optimistic about reaching their goal. Visit the city’s official website to view more projects.

Home building efforts for this lovely city can be credited to a response by the city’s economic development representatives who invited IBM (over a decade ago) to relocate their business to Austin, Texas. IBM indicated that if they accepted the invitation they would need a place to relocate their employees along with their families.

The real estate market consist mainly of single-family homes for sale, starting in the low-$100,000s and can go as up to $650,000 plus. It has all the appeal of small town charm with the conveniences of living in and living close to a metropolitan city. There are golf course properties, condominiums, townhouses; and land is also available for custom building. Investors (or home-buyers) can locate foreclosures, short sales, bank owned properties, and other investment real estate.

Having lived in Cedar Park, Texas, it has my personal stamp of approval as a fabulous place to work, live and raise a family. Below are all of my plusses based in my family priorities:
  • Excellent schools
  • Low crime rate
  • Convenient access to major highways
  • Nice neighbors and nice neighboring communities (Leander, Georgetown, etc.)
Perfectly situated between metro Austin and the Texas Hill Country, it could easily be classed on any official listing of Best U.S. Cities to Live In. It’s a fine place to own your home, excellent for real estate investing, and a great place to retire.

Image credits: and Texas_flag_map (Public domain)
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Small Town USA - Greenville, Texas (near Dallas)

Back in 2011, Forbes magazine prepared a TOP 10 List of cities considered to be “economic superstars”. They were recognized as a “superstar” because they have relatively low housing prices, and somehow experienced an increase in new jobs, and managed to keep their economies afloat. The List included 4 Texas cities. - Austin, Texas was Number 1; - San Antonio was Number 4 on the List; - Houston, Number 5; and - Dallas, Number 7.
- Read more at:  "The Next Big Boom Towns in the U.S."

Austin is the state capital; and in the same way Cedar Park, Texas benefits from being a part of the Greater Austin community, Greenville, Texas is a “small town” that likely benefits from their proximity to Dallas, one of the places named as an economic superstar. Downtown Greenville is an easy 45 minute trip from Dallas, Texas.

The 2015 estimated population projection for this city is less than 30,000. That's close enough to meeting my definition of having small town charm.

Greenville, TX is north of Dallas in Northeast, Texas. 

Map found at

Here are a just a few facts to peak your interest in this colorful U.S. city.

Greenville was established in 1846. It was famous for a sign that read "Welcome to Greenville, The Blackest Land, The Whitest People"

This sign was hung over the main street in the downtown area from the 1920s to the 1960s. Between the 1960s and 1970s, the sign was changed to "The Blackest Land, The Greatest People"

Eventually, the sign was just taken down. The fertile black soil of the area resulted in excellent cotton production, and Greenville became known as the "cotton capital of the world".

Times have changed for the better and the new attitude is reflected in the City's vision statement:

“The vision of the City of Greenville is to build on our hometown values and rich heritage as a diverse community, by providing cost-effective, quality services to create an enjoyable vibrant place where families and business choose to live, grow and prosper.”

Image credit: Old map of Greenville, TX, 1891; Public Domain; Wikimedia Commons

Texas Real Estate: Corsicana, Texas

Corsicana is an oil town in Texas. 

It survived both the Great Depression and the World Wars, as the oil business was the foundation of the town's economy. Corsicana is home to Collin Street Bakery and Wolf Brand Chili.

Moving forward, 1956 to today, Corsicana has experienced steady growth. In 1985, Corsicana was designated as an official Texas Main Street City. The Texas Main Street Program is part of the Texas Historical Commission's Community Heritage Development Division.

Current Mayor Chuck McClanahan, born and raised in Corsicana, is quoted as saying: "It's a New Day in Corsicana." He believes Corsicana offers Corsicana offers the best of both worlds “ city-ease and country-style.

[Never been to Corsicana myself. But I know some good folks from there! ]

2014 Photo The Old Jail, now (in 2014) a private residence in Corsicana, Texas Location: Corsicana, Texas

Corsicana Daily Sun:
* * *

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Best U S Cities? Austin, Texas on My List

Currently reside in Austin, Texas and living in the state’s capital is marvelous; family-friendly and business-friendly. Plus Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey both have homes here.
“Alright! Alright! Alright!” 

Texas is Fascinating - Daily Two Cents

Image credit: Austin Texas Tower Building

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05 May 2018

Holidays and Celebrations : Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Although my current residence is Austin, Texas and this city has many citizens of Mexican descent and Cinco de Mayo is celebrated, there isn't much for me to tell because nobody ever told me much about it. For those who might be interested in this holiday, below are a few links of interest.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Vivid Images of Mexico in the 1960s –

Cinco de Mayo | Mexican history - Encyclopædia Britannica

This holiday is primarily observed by Mexican-Americans all over the United States to honor their heritage or roots. However, was born and raised in Miami, Florida and never heard of this day until we relocated to Texas.

Dancers at the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival i...
Dancers at the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two other holidays celebrated in this state that were also unknown to me until we moved here: Texas Independence Day, March 2nd; and Juneteenth – June 19th.

Never knew anything about these special days. T.I.D. is unique to Texans but it's been said that Juneteenth is a worldwide celebration. Worldwide? Really?? Not sure what world I've been living in all this time, nevertheless … can no longer claim ignorance about any of these memorable events. There are important dots on the #timeline of #history of mankind and should not be ignored.  :)

© Photographer: Julioaldana | Agency:

Houston Juneteenth Parade
© Photographer: Calyx22 | Agency:

Texas Independence Day
© Photographer: Vipdesignusa | Agency:

04 February 2018

Mexican Favorites - Recipes for Peace?

Published an article about a proposed solution to the "problem" of illegal immigration in the United States via  For the life of me, can't understand why everybody isn't on board with it!  Isn't the temptation of Mexican cuisine a persuasive enough argument?!  THINK "homemade fresh chorizo".  That's worth coming to an agreement, isn't it?

EES shares recipes, cooking tips and all things foodie!

Everyday Exotic Spices

Follow my foodie blog for more recipes, cooking tips, etc.

24 January 2018

Fuel Up Your Body and Stay Energized!

Americans everywhere are putting forth extra effort to maintain their health and well-being.

When it comes to making quality of life choices and developing healthy living habits, Austin-ites are exemplary. Austin, Texas is a very health and fitness conscious city. You can tell by all the bikers, runners, and joggers you see on the streets. Worked briefly as a temp for one of the city's departments, and at that time even the city's mayor, Will Wynn, was making an earnest effort to encourage the city employees to adopt an exercise regimen and eat healthy; and made public health and wellness one of the priorities for his administration. He served two terms.  

Sharing a quick recap of an article published in the January 2015 Issue of Austin Fit Magazine. Tori Jarzabkowski, the author of article, indicates that nutrition-wise, people are now focusing on five foods that fuel the body:  matcha tea, bone broth, fermented foods, coconut sugar and seaweed snacks.  

This advice can be combined with tips provided by Lynnis Woods-Mullins, the CEO of Praiseworks, Inc. Lynnis started her company when she was 51 years young. To celebrate her organization's 5-year anniversary, she shared her advice on five healthy and holistic ways you can get more energy NOW!   She recommended:  water-hydration; exercise (just a brisk walk); super foods; detox green smoothies; and aromatherapy.

Don't we all want to burn bright like the sun, at least most of the time, if not all of the time?


**Disclaimer:** Information supplied in this article is not intended as a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice.


Jarzabkowski, Tori. "Nutrition Trends for 2015." Austin Fit Magazine: Best of 2014 Issue Jan. 2015: 22-23. Print. AFM Issue #207. Est. 1997. >

"Healthy Communities." The Honorable Will Wynn, Former Two-Term Mayor, Austin, Texas. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2015.

"PraiseWorks - Health & Wellness." PraiseWorks, Inc. Ed. Lynnis Woods-Mullins. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2015.

Rones, Nancy. "Your Guide to Never Feeling Tired Again." WebMD. WebMD, LLC, n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2015.

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23 September 2017

Texas Churches Sue to Gain Access to Federal Disaster Relief Coffers

So according to my Facebook Memories, this blog post ~ Should Churches be Tax-Exempt? ~ was shared September 23, 2016. (It was published April 2016 and the updated and republished April 2017.) Whereas it is an interesting discussion, the tax-exempt status for churches is not really a current topic for debate.

This year (September 2017), we in the USA, were hit by 3 hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, and Maria). After it was over, people did what they always do! Go back home and try to salvage what they can salvage and rebuild what needs to be rebuilt, etc., etc. Usually, many organizations and individuals get involved in charitable efforts, donating their time, money and energy. In other words, nobody waits for the government to knock on the door and say “I'm from the government. We're here to help.”   That's a fact.

That FACT has generated a news report I heard about 1 or 2 days ago on the radio. Evidently, the QUESTION to be debated is not about tax exemption for churches but:

  • "Should churches (and other faith-based organizations) receive government funds from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for their assistance which they provide as relief for hurricane victims?”

The news report said that some churches (in Texas) had already filed a lawsuit wanting FEMA funds for their efforts.

SUING? Seriously?

Here are some Information References for further details:

Bailey, Sheryl. “Health Care : Sens Propose Bill That Would Allow FEMA Help for Churches Newburgh Gazette.” Newburgh Gazette, 21 Sept. 2017,
The churches note, "Ironically, although FEMA partners with churches to provide shelters and distribute aid to disaster areas, the PA Policy Guide prohibits those same churches from applying for or receiving such relief". … houses of worship were deemed ineligible for the grants under the 1988 Stafford Act.”

Green, Lauren, and Patrick Manning. “Texas Churches Suing FEMA for Equal Access to Nonprofit Relief Funds.” Fox News, FOX News Network, 14 Sept. 2017,
"President Trump seems to agree. He tweeted last week: 'Churches in Texas should be entitled to reimbursement from FEMA relief funds for helping victims of hurricane Harvey (just like others).'"

Kruzel, John. “How the U.S. Funds Disaster Recovery.” PolitiFact, Tampa Bay Times, 14 Sept. 2017,

* * *
My Thoughts?

As a faithful Christian, I don't see the need for this discussion no more than there was a need to debate tax the exemption status. The Bible says: As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” (Galatians 6:10) There is no additional language or verses anywhere in the Bible that says: “And make sure you get funding or reimbursement from the government for carrying out this command of Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior.”  

Of course, one could stretch a scriptural “interpretation” and say that going to court and suing to receive FEMA funds is just the good Lord's way of returning the blessing for the kindness shown by 'our church' to others who were in need.  "The Lord helps those who help themselves."   

I think it's a stretch.  But if they're wrong the Only One they will answer to on Judgement Day is the Lord in the Divine Court where all final decisions are made.  +++ 
* * *

18 September 2017

Texas Cultural Diversity: The Czech Culture of Texas |

Texas is a huge state with a lot of history and color. Many are familiar with the flavor of this great state and often write very interesting articles about the different cities, like this one written by fellow freelance writer Wesman Todd Shaw.

Texas USA is also a place of HUGE ethnic and cultural diversity. ... »

* * *

Texas Round Up 
~ My Blog Posts About Texas

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11 September 2017

Thoughts and Opinions : Global Warming Versus Global Returning? Science?

THOUGHT: Suppose global warming is actually global returning?

Sharing these wacky thoughts of mine. Hoping you don’t run away from me even though I speak my mind which is often … kind of weird, strange and Krazee with a capital “K”!

OK So! It’s the year 2017 and it’s spring time here in Austin, Texas, and I never know what kind of weather to expect each day. When we moved to this city in 1998, people use to describe the weather as “climatically perfect”. The weather was terrific!
See Also:

My kids have grown accustomed to my standard excuse that I use to point the finger of blame at … everything!

If something happens, no matter what … I say:

  • “IDK!  I blame global warming. Whatever!
♦ ♦ ♦

Most of you know I believe/read the Bible a lot and as a result, my rationale and reasoning or explanations may come across to others as somewhat “peculiar”. Like this particular thought.

THOUGHT: Suppose global warming is actually global returning?

Follow my thought process (if you can).

According to the Bible, when the earth was first created, Adam and Eve used to walk around in their birthday suits. Naked! The reason they were given clothes didn’t have anything to do with a change in the weather.  Also, Noah preaching about a coming flood was disregarded by the masses because … Why?  Because it had never rained before! Water had never come down from the sky! It would take faith to believe such a thing could happen.

So IF in the beginning, man and woman were able to walk around au naturel, that must mean that the weather was terrific! All the time! Everywhere on planet earth!!

Today it like 79 degrees in Austin, Texas but the day is over.  Earlier this morning it felt a little chilly. Yesterday the heat from the sun was beating me down!

  • Maybe global warming is not disastrous.
  • Maybe it’s a good thing.
  • Maybe … ? Our weather is just going back to the way it was in the beginning.
  • Maybe … global warming is actually global returning.  (O.o)

JAOOMPT! Just another one of my peculiar thoughts.

It's a thought.  Previously published May 2017, at Literacy Base.

Science and Politics of Global Warming VS Climate Change

Once upon a time, I used to watch the Discovery Channel but no more. No point crying over spilled milk. Today I made a wonderful discovery. Discovery News which is under the corporate umbrella for the Discovery Communications, LLC , has a Tumblr blog, as do I.

Science and Politics of Global Warming VS Climate Change

Once upon a time, I used to watch the Discovery Channel but no more. No point crying over spilled milk. Today I made a wonderful discovery. Discovery News which is under the corporate umbrella for the Discovery Communications, LLC , has a Tumblr blog, as do I.

23 August 2017

Retirement Planning : Texas Cities : Athens is a Great Place to Live Out Your Golden Years

Dallas, Texas is a great place to work and live, but for retirement, some may prefer Athens, Texas; a small town nearby which offers good fortune and adventure! 

By Danny S. (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

English: Category:Images of Dallas, Texas
English: Category:Images of Dallas, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looking for a Great Place to Live Out Your Golden Years? Planning Retirement? Athens, Texas is a Certified Retirement Community. Learn More

* * *
July 2011, Forbes magazine published a TOP 10 List of Cities considered to be "economic superstars". Dallas, Texas was chosen as one of those cities because of its relatively low housing prices and its attractive job market. While Dallas may be a terrific place to work and live, some may prefer to retire to one of the surrounding Texan communities or towns such as Athens (population 10,000+ as of 2010).

Good Luck Peas and Texas Caviar
In 1971, Athens held the first-ever Black-Eyed Pea Jamboree. The history behind this event is as follows.

The late J. B. Henry, an Athens businessman, decided to grow the black-eyed pea and market the legumes on a commercial scale as "Good Luck Peas for New Year's Day"; and for the wealthy and well-to-do (or those who like to dream they are), pickled black-eye peas were sold as "Texas Caviar".

Mr. Henry passed away in 1940 but to this day he is still referred to as the "Black-Eyed Pea King of East Texas". Such loyalty to his kingship is deserved. Giving black-eyed peas the aura of "good fortune" and calling them "caviar" for the rich folks. Who would've thunk it? That was genius!!!

Today, all the credit being given to the savvy marketing talents of Mr. Henry, Athens, Texas is referred to as the "Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World".

First GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community
In addition to the honor of being designated the "Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World", Athens holds the honor of being chosen as one of the first "GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Communities" in the state.

If you visit the site Retire in Texas, and go to the respective page, you will find a list of all the communities that have been approved for this program. The Texas Department of Agriculture, Trade and Business Development state their intentions plainly as follows:

"The GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community Program is a certification and promotion program provided by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  The GO TEXAN stamp of approval ensures each certified community has demonstrated through its application that it can meet the living, employment/volunteer, health, entertainment, education and safety needs of its citizens and visitors - all the things that make Texas a great place to retire."

Other Texas cities or towns are welcome to apply for this program.

Final Accolade
Per USA Today, ziplining is a zany form of adventure for thrill seekers that first became popular in Costa Rica but has now become popular in the USA.

Athens, Texas is the first city that I have ever known that puts New York and Texas together and makes it work. Not New York, New York (which is what I thought of when I first saw one of the advertisements for the New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures; but New York, Texas (about 20 miles east of Athens). It's easy to get confused, especially when you discover that there is also an Athens, New York!

But an article by freelance writer, Veronica Terres, entitled "Get Up and Get Out" in the May-June 2011 issue of the East Texas Outdoors Magazine made everything plain when she pointed out the location of the NY TX Zip Line Adventures and aptly described this attraction in two words: "Adrenaline Rush".

But why would this attraction about a ziplining adventure be significant if you're planning to retire to Athens, Texas, instead of say ... assurances about golfing? I don't know! Why did former President George Bush Sr. decide to go parachuting on his 80th and 85th birthdays and plan to do it again when he turns 90? Ziplining may be a key factor in deciding whether or not you want to retire to Athens, Texas.

Recommended Reading:
Practical advice and information from Jeff Brown (aka "The Bawld Guy"), who has extensive knowledge and experience in long term retirement planning.

General Information Links:

  • Terres, Veronica. "Get Up and Get Out." East Texas Outdoors Magazine. Youblisher, May-June 2011. Web. 04 Feb. 2012.

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