21 July 2014

God Bless America | Looking Ahead to 2016 (historical marker)

Does the government create jobs or does the private create sector create jobs? Uuhh … BOTH!

I thought this was a dumb question. It was being tossed around when Romney was running for President against Obama. Yes Romney lost and Obama was reelected. But in two more years someone will be replacing Obama. Questions about jobs and job creation will be on the table, as long as the economy sucks; so I’m tossing in my two cents for posterity.

  • FACT IS: The Mafia creates jobs! As do terrorist organizations and a whole bunch of other entities.
  • FACT IS: Self-sufficient self-motivated individuals figure out ways to work and create jobs for themselves; because they ain’t got time for all this brew ha-ha. They got bills to pay!
  • FACT IS: It’s a bunch of people who are unemployed and most of them want to work AN HONEST JOB!! Whether it’s for the government or at a private business? THEY DON’T CARE!!!

-A little background: Romney (or his peeps) were arguing that his work experience at Bain Capital proved that he could create jobs, get people working, and boost the economy. (As I recall. The memory fades fast.) The political opponents said: He didn’t create jobs; he put folks out of work, and sent the jobs and the money out of the country!!

So was working for Bain capital a disqualifier for being POTUS?

My answer? NO!
It’s a work experience where valuable KSAs (knowledge,skills and abilities) were acquired that can be adapted to suit the tasks at hand! Mr. Romney’s stand regarding his work experience providing him with the necessary competency was valid and made sense.

So the question really was or should have been:
- Could he adapt those KSAs and utilize them to be the leader of this country and a leader on the world stage? Yes or NO?

This is America. If a POTUS screws up, we kick them out. FACT IS: Sometimes they mess up stuff, don’t get kicked out, and leave US with the mess! Somehow we survive and carry on.

* I am an American with freedom of speech. These comments are being left behind as a MARKER.

I don’t know who will be our new fearless leader in 2016. But she better be better than the guys who went in before her. :)

( http://www.politics1.com/p2016.htm )

Image credit: The White House, Washington, D C, USA (Public Domain)

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