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03 October 2017

Decided on What to Wear for Halloween? Use Your B-Day to Decide.

Having trouble deciding on a costume to celebrate Halloween? Here's a fun exercise! Found the B-day chart below shared via Facebook by 95.7 KJR, radio station that plays Seattle's Greatest Hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s and home of Bob Rivers!  (Or the former home of Mr. Rivers.  He retired about a month ago.)  This is so fun!!  It turns out I'm a Screaming Cheerleader, which is not that far from the real me! :)

It seems that I am married a Gruesome Vampire. (Nothing could be further from the truth.)

As for my sons and daughters? Apparently, I've given birth to a:

  • Gruesome Superhero, Werewolf, and Cavewoman;
  • Screaming Cheerleader (yes! I have a child born on my birthday);
  • Screaming Barbie;
  • Chilling Prom Queen and Ghost;
  • Dead Pirate and Dead Ghost (???);
  • Spooky Geek; and
  • Terrifying Clown.  (Halloween2016.  Clowns not allowed.)

Actually?  Out of all of these, the Spooky Geek is spot on!

* * * Need some costume ideas?

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