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29 April 2019

Avengers Endgame (Plus a Throwback: Justice League: The Complete Series)

There is a lot of talk in the entertainment media about Avengers Endgame.  The ticket sales for this movie in the movie industry are like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album purchases for the music industry.  OFF THE CHARTS!!!  People just couldn't get in and out of the theaters fast enough.  Some people even participated in a marathon and watched all the movies that were released which led up to "Avengers Endgame".  59 hours worth of movie watching!  Can you stand it??

Image credit: Found on Pinterest: PİXEL 4K WALLPAPERS ~ Movies wallpapers.

Why do we love superheroes?

For some of us, the childhood memories of superheroes run deep. They don’t just represent beings with superhuman powers. They are symbolic of much larger matters like “truth, justice, and the American Way”. That’s how they are remembered and now they have evolved or expanded, and have a global and even universal united role to play in saving ALL mankind (you have to give the mean and nasty humans an opportunity to repent)  and … uuhhh … nice aliens worth saving!  :)

For the superhero fanatic in all of us!

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