03 July 2019

MOVIE REVIEW: The Equalizer (2014) - I Heard That Movie Was...

(UPDATE July 3, 2019)  Apologies.  Reblogged an awesome post which supplied a review of "The Equalizer", a 2014 movie which starred Denzel Washington; however, the blog publisher decided to remove the content.  (Also Google+, the social network where I found the link, shut down.)  I'm forced to share some alternative links if you are still interested in a movie review.  Below are links to reviews by others of this disappointing Denzel Washington film.  Critics were not all that pleased.  "Lacks gravitas". ~ Roger Ebert 

So let me complete the sentence.

I heard that movie was AWFUL!  Yet they made a sequel. (O.o)  The Equalizer 2 (2018)

* * * Content below updated.  See alternative links.
Reblogging this from a movie review blog. There used to be an old TV show called “The Equalizer” that was a really good show! So when they started advertising this new movie with Mr. Washington, it got me all excited.

Found the link to this blog post which was shared via Google+ community and thought to myself: 'Eh! Let me check it out!' 

Great review!!!  But of course, it's on my list of movies to watch anyway.  Don't really need persuading.  Like to keep my finger on the pulse of Denzel Washington. Been following his acting career for years.  It was a great review but the blog is unpublished.   The blog publisher is Justin Morales.  It's a fairly new blog (first posts dated April 2014), but he's off to a good start!

I Heard That Movie Was...:MOVIE REVIEW: The Equalizer

Director: Antoine Fuqua 
Starring: Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz 
Release Date: September 26, 2014

* * * * * 

The Equalizer Complete Collection Limited Edition
The Denzel Washington movies may not be that great but the old TV series was very entertaining.

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