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14 September 2019

I Used to Publish "My Twitter WeekEnd Wrap-Up"

Ever thought about publishing your own newspaper that quickly summarizes what you consider "headline news" that you want to read about? I tweet a lot.  But I find it tedious to continuously scroll through my tweets.  I found a really easy way to highlight/summarize my weekly Twitter activity.  I use the publishing tool to generate a weekly newspaper. It's is a great recap of my Tweet activity or tweets of import for me for the past week! 

Check out this edition of  My Twitter WeekEnd Wrap-Up.

Time sure does fly.  My first issue was dated March 17, 2014.  That's a Monday.  Changed it to Sunday updates with a few "special editions" every now and then.  Really love this tool furnished by  Have you tried it?  I publish other papers too.

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