01 November 2014

Movie Review: The Judge | Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall (Reblog)

No matter what the title of the film is, if you say the name of Robert Duvall, that makes my “Movies to Watch” list. Would be hard for this movie, “The Judge” to be bad (my opinion) since it has two powerhouse actors: 

Why Iron Man Vs. Captain America Trumps 'Batman v Superman'Robert Downey Jr. (of Iron Man fame, although it was his portrayal of Charlie Chaplin that won me over) and

Robert Duvall (the one and only; if he were British, we'd probably be calling Sir Robert Duvall.)  Downey may have been given the top billing but Duvall is the man! :)

Mr. Duvall has been one of my favorite actors ever since “To Kill a Mockingbird”. 

He wasn't the leading star in that movie either! 

Gregory Peck may have won the Academy Award for "Best Actor" but Duvall's character was memorable and his performance was unforgettable. 

Very happy to share the link and reblog this movie review by Cynthia Sylvestermouse.

Review This!: The Judge- Robert Downey, Jr. & Robert Duvall:   Rarely do I go to the theater to see a movie and come away feeling like I actually saw a movie worth viewing. It is especially rare for both my husband and myself to equally rave over a movie. ...

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