31 December 2014

Treasure Pen: The Good, the CONs, and the Truth!

Checking the word on the streets about this wonderful site we have here and in addition to the great things I tell others about it, wanted to share what people I don’t know and I’ve never met and I am certain that I did not influence in any way have also said about TreasurePen.

TreasurePen.com is Like Daily Two Cents But NOT!
* http://dailytwocents.com/treasurepen-vs-daily-two-cents/

by Treathyl FOX – Apr 17, 2014 – When I first came across this site it sounded very similar to another online writing community called TreasurePen.com. Further contrast and comparison indicated …

TreasurePen evaluated by others:
Web Development Blog | Crafty Coding

* http://www.craftycoding.com/blog/
TreasurePen utilized the services of Crafty Coding to install plugins, specifically, an Author Advertising plugin. The Lisa-Lisa initiative has proven to be successful thusfar.
Lisa-Marie Karvonen, @craftycoding
Lisa Reed, TreasurePen.com Admin
Getting to grips with Conversion Rate Optimisation (using cinemagraphs)

* http://www.tone.co.uk/getting-to-grips-with-conversion-rate-optimisation-usin
Will O’Hara, Tone Agency, ( @toneagency ) responded constructively to questions asked by a TP representative regarding CRO (conversion rate optimizatiom). Glad she asked. I learned something! (FYI. This site – i.e. Tone Agency – offers a free eBook on how to get customers to find you instead of the other way around. Downloaded my copy today.)
Is Treasurepen Legit? – Watch My Wallet

* http://www.watchmywallet.co.uk › Your Money › Living
Natalie Vincent ( @WatchMyWallet ) clearly spelled out the PROs and CONs about TreasurePen and its potential as a viable WAH project and good source of additional income. TP is legit and if it works for you, Why Quit?
TreasurePen – Earn Money by Blogging

* http://www.writewrongorindifferent.com/2014/03/treasurepen-earn-money-by-blogging.html
Marie Anne shared a blog post dated Mar 10, 2014. She quickly recognizes the potential here to earn income simply through referrals. She seemed enthusiastic about writing for TP, but admitted that she was testing it at the time the post was published: “I’m going to try a few posts there to see how it works out …”

[Content was posted at TreasurePen.com,Jul 07 2014.  Placed here as historical marker.  At year end 2014, uncertainty about the site's future.  (My opinion.)]

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