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12 January 2015

The Voices in My Head

VOICE #1: Greek philosopher Xenophanes founded a school at Elea in Lucania (region in South Italy). Students of this School were known as Eleatics, and the two most notable pupils were Parmenides and Zeno. Parmenides (c. 504 - 450 B.C.) believed Movement and Change were Illusions , and the Universe motionless. Zeno (C. 490 - 430 B.C.) was taught by Parmenides, and he delved further by Thinking up Arguments to prove that motion was unreal. (You should hear the one about Achilles and the tortoise.)

Parmenides was among the first to propose an o...
Parmenides was among the first to propose an ontological characterization of the fundamental nature of reality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

VOICE #2: SO! ... Fast forward, the Romans conquer the Greeks and since the conquerors pretty much had minds that were like sieves with large holes, they rummaged through the remnants of the conquered civilization (Greece) as if it was a huge flea market or neighborhood garage sale and incorporated the aspects of the leftovers that they liked the best into the Empire. It doesn't look like the Romans thought Greek Eleatic philosophy was a school of thought worth building on; or it could just be that the Epicureans and the Stoics took up the spotlight and center stage.

VOICE #3: They all sound like babblers to me. I'm going to build on the Shema, the Golden Rule and the Beatitudes. Those rocks will move you straight ahead and even if you're motionless you still stand on solid ground. :)

VOICE #1 and #2:   #3 always gotta be a nuisance and a troublemaker.

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