11 May 2015

'Mahogany' Taught the True Value of Being a Success

"Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with."

Agree or disagree?

There was once a time when Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams were an "item"; for movies that is. They had great onscreen chemistry but never a real life romance. This particular film had a really nice theme song. Great fashion in this film too; especially that dress Ms. Ross wore in one of the scenes that looked like a rainbow. When it comes to fashion, beauty and style, Ms. Ross was and still is one of the best-dressed women in the entertainment business; onscreen and off. Click through to view that fabulous gown she's wearing in the photo for this September 2014 article by 947thewave.cbslocal.com:

Diana Ross : Still a 'Supreme' Performer

Nothing much to say about this motion picture that you can't look up on Wikipedia. That quote about success struck a chord with me though.

Mahogany (1975)




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Hope everybody enjoyed their day!


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