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09 September 2019

Where Newbie Bloggers Should Go For Advice and Answers

My early attempts at affiliate marketing, D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) website building, blogging, and other home business projects were so … ??? … amateur. Was going to say “futile” but since there were many benefits derived from these efforts even though several websites and blogs were trashed or deleted along the way, the time and energy expended was not a total waste. The learning exercises were fruitful, not futile.

Before even starting a blog, using generic search terms like “make money with your website”, found this wonderful resource.  What you can do with a website, you can do with your blog.  The link below was included in the results.

28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website | Daily Blog Tips

You know when you’ve visited a site way too many times because the site owner begins to talk to you like he knows you! đź™‚  Daniel Scocco is based in Brazil, a country that is on my bucket list of “Places I’d Like to Visit But Probably Never Will”. He has been very kind and helpful. Because of his assistance, I was encouraged to continue my online endeavors. It is awesome to see that his blog is still going strong after all these years.

DBT (Daily Blog Tips) also has a sister site, DWT (Daily Writing Tips) that can improve your writing and speaking skills, and it’s fun! Here is an example of a fun but educational post.

6 Foreign Expressions You Should Know | Daily Writing Tips

Both of these blogs are invaluable.   GO Danny!!!

Additional links of interest:

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  • The information is out there but you have to go and get it. You must be patient, persistent and willing to teach yourself. But sometimes you might need to ask a question and you want to talk to a human being. is where you go for answers. Join this Q&A community free and follow the topics for Blogging and Bloggers.

Content previously published at Literacy Base, May 2017.

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