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04 September 2017

The Ultimate, Super-Helpful Guide to the Tense Situation in Ukraine (Historical Reference Point)

Every time situations disrupt around the globe, we are always glad that someone was keeping their finger on the pulse or someone exists with a sharp mind who can gather facts quickly and bring you up to date on matters that have been brewing for years.

In this instance, NYU student Susannah Griffee has presented for our education her Ukraine 101 quick study. Click link above.  Thank you Ms. Susannah.
  • The Ultimate, Super-Helpful Guide to the Tense Situation in Ukraine

Update Sep 2017: Replacement link:

Yuhas, Alan. “Ukraine Crisis: an Essential Guide to Everything That's Happened so Far.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 13 Apr. 2014,

Link to my understanding based on Ms. Griffee’s excellent synopsis.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

*** NOTE: Previously posted at, March 3, 2014. The following comments were left behind:

Jakob Gamertsfelder March 4, 2014 at 3:35 PM
We could look at the opposite of war for a different perspective. The common idea is that the world has only had some 26 days of peace since WWII, not sure how accurate that is. But it sounds about right.

We are not a peaceful breed. There is always violent conflict simmering along. The question then becomes what causes the larger flare-ups, the World Wars.

The personalities of a few men will determine if war happens. And given our history and given how “determined” world leaders have to be to get those jobs, then war is always on the cards.
I don’t think this will cause a World War, in the traditional sense I don’t think that’s possible anymore. We have wars that involve a lot of countries. Iraq and Serbia for examples. But we don’t think of them as world wars, maybe we should.

  • cmoneyspinner March 4, 2014 at 4:58 PM
    Interesting you should make that point that “maybe we should”. When explaining conflict to my children so that they could get the sense of it I always tell them “Try to think of the country as your next door neighbor. Wouldn’t you much rather be at peace with the person who can easily walk right up to your front door and get in your face?” Of a truth, perhaps viewing it as a “world war” causes the disconnect and insensitivity. Maybe we should think of war or conflict as having a huge unnecessary violent fight with our next door neighbor which results in blood that need not have been shed.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your remarks.

Research Guides: Crisis in Ukraine: What Happened and Why

This libguide provides up-to-date information, news, analysis, maps, and videos from multilingual sources on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Reasons for conflict through timelines, historical background, maps, and a variety of views...

Ukraine | World news | The Guardian

Russia's bridge link with Crimea moves nearer to completion...

14 January 2015

Using Loose Ends to Tie Up a True Story

The Europeans, the folks from England in particular, are such gifted musicians. I am so glad the USA was invaded by all of these artists. When much younger, there was hardly any place that I would go without my transistor radio. If it was my turn to do the dishes, I would make this household chore last and last and last, while listening to the latest tunes. There were also lots of music shows on TV – American Bandstand and Soul Train – but they were only broadcast at certain times, Saturdays. Can you imagine what a tough childhood I had? Having to wait an entire week to hear good music!!

But then cable TV came along with the music channels and my husband learned how to work a VCR. Later on YouTube was invented. Did you know that YouTube was created to handle my “mood swings”? OK. That’s a stretch. No doubt the inventors had other things on their mind. But we all know that music is so very necessary to the human psyche. Isn’t it awesome that the people from my generation who remember the music, kept their vinyl records and figured out how to upload those great songs and share them on the Internet via YouTube or Vimeo or wherever? I figure whoever is uploading the music has to be somebody about my age because most kids probably wouldn’t know who “The Impressions” are, let alone what kind of music they made, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t want to upload that stuff!

So I’m sharing two links in this post.

The first video – “Slow Down” – I shared over a year ago in my Google Plus post stream. I only remembered it today because as I was checking my Notifications, I saw that someone had given it a Plus One. This group of 3, called “Loose Ends” – 2 guys and a doll – are out of England. I’m not sure what they are up to these days, but their sound – though it came out in the 80s – is still fresh. There’s a article about them on Wikipedia, if you’re interested. 

 ( )

The second one is “Keep on Pushing”; an oldie but a goodie. Here’s my story behind this song. I usually DO NOT keep up with the political conventions. If my TV is turned on while the convention is being televised, I may hear some sounds but won’t pay close attention. So years back, the Democratic convention was on television, and all I could hear was a cheering crowd and music in the background. A speaker was being introduced. I don’t know who. Some tall slender black guy. Evidently he was senator. They say his name by way of introduction and this song is playing as background music. The Senator turned out to be Barack Obama. I don’t know what his speech was about because I had only stopped to hear the music! Besides, he was representing from Chi-town (Chicago) and why listen to what he has to say? It’s not like he’s ever gonna be President! True story.

Clearly, I have no psychic capabilities and can not predict the future.

Original post appeared on, Apr 9, 2014.

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