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28 April 2014

Americans and Capital Punishment | The Economist

Read “The Economist”? They publish very worthwhile reading material. Food for thought. On this particular topic, for many, there is not too much think about. Most folks are either for capital punishment or against it. Jo Harrington is AGAINST the death penalty and provides more than ample information to support her position.
Death Penalty 2006
Death Penalty 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Death Penalty: 14 Year Old Executed in USA May Have been Innocent (Replacement link:  YouTube Video)

In the end, though her arguments be powerful and thought-provoking my position is FOR and I can not be dissuaded. While the guilty criminals sit on death row awaiting execution, it gives them time to reflect on the events which brought them to their soon to be final destination - events in their life and their life or lives of those who are no longer with us because of them - and maybe they can come to grips with the fact they are only receiving their comeuppance.

Poor Eve.  Mother of the first murderer and the first murder victim.  In that particular case, The Judge showed mercy and spared the murderer's life.  The debate continues.
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