26 June 2014

Diversity Topics: Things to Know About the Irish

If you follow me at Treasure Pen*, you probably already guessed that TP is not the only online writing community where you can muddle through all of my published jibber jabber. Wizzley and HUBpages are such communities. What's good about all of these publishing platforms is that in addition to being great places to write and express yourself; they are equally fantastic places to read and learn about almost anything! For example, traveling around the world is only a dream for me; but the writers at these sites take me to all the wonderful places I'd like to go.

Fellow freelance writers have written some very interesting articles about Ireland. Always knew there was way more to this land of enchantment than shamrocks and leprechauns. On hearing the music of Enya, one can not help but become curious about a mystical place that can produce that kind of awesome talent!! The thing is, she comes from a whole family of gifted musicians!! What is in the water over there??? :)

Since many in the TP community are in Ireland, it's probably information most members already know. Nevertheless I'd still like to mention a couple of the articles that were very informative and share the links.

Beginning in the 1700, countless numbers of Irish people left their homeland and settled ...

  • Irish Slaves in the Caribbean and Americas
Indentured servants were shipped to the Caribbean from Ireland during the 1600's to... http://wizzley.com/irish-slaves-in-the-caribbean-and-americas/ (Archived page found via Wayback Machine)

Examining what it means to have Irish blood, outlining where Irish DNA comes from and who are the closest genetic relatives of the Irish in Europe. Of interest to anyone with Irish ancestry who wants to understand their genealogy.


Very educational and enjoyable reading!

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Image credit: Public domain

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