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31 October 2014

Last Day to Celebrate National Pizza Month

It’s October 31st. Last day to “officially” celebrate eating pizza during National Pizza Month. 

Tonight at our house, we’re having spaghetti with a side dish of pizza.  Yes, in Chicago, spaghetti is the side dish. But we’re in Texas and we don’t know any better. Just like the Japanese don’t know they’re not supposed to make a flavor of ice cream called sweet potato!  Sharing this pizza extravaganza. Mangia!  Mangia!* :)

Easy Vegan Pizza 

 Low Carb Pizza Recipes

Quick and Simple Pizza Empanadas
pizza empanada

Best Tasting Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Recipe
gluten free pizza crust

Amy's Pesto Pizza with Organic Vegetables and Basil

Easy Fruit Pizza Recipe
easy fruit pizza

Gourmet Pumpkin and Bacon Pizza
pumpkin and bacon pizza

15-minute Bacon Spinach Breakfast Pizza

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* * *

Mangia! Mangia!

Italian Terms, Proverbs, and Sayings Using the Word Mangia

* * * * *
Pizza of the Month Club

Pizza of the Month Club

When the troops clamor for pizza, nothing satisfies their hunger like a delicious specialty pie from The Pizza of the Month Club. From the moment you pop it into the oven and the baking begins, everybody knows: this is going to be one incredible pizza!

Chances are you've never had pizzas like these before. Each is an authentic gourmet pizza, handmade for you by a noted Chicago pizza chef with a creative soul. Every pie is a masterpiece, made with all-natural fresh toppings and premium ingredients. Whether you serve your pizza of the month for dinner or to quiet a hungry crowd, it's always a special occasion.

Join the Pizza of the Month Club !


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