23 March 2015

FFW Spotlight: Rupert Taylor

One awesome thing about being a freelance writer is all the other freelance writers you meet who bring their knowledge, skills and experience to the table. Participating in online writing communities has opened a door to a wonderful world of enlightenment; and it's a pleasure to introduce others to fellow freelance writers (FFW) who have inspired and motivated me to continue this pursuit.

* Spotlight on Rupert Taylor *
Rupert Taylor has almost 50 years experience in the field of journalism and his articles show off his skills. His #Research is thorough and he presents critical #Information and #Facts on complex and complicated topics in very easily readable language. 

He has almost 700 articles published online and that's just at Suite.io (formerly Suite101.com). Below is a quick list of a sampling of the titles which are sure to peak your interest.

- Sicilian Mafia Payback

- The Oddities of English and Other Difficult Languages

- The Difficult Life of Official Executioners

- Rich People Are More Likely than Others to be Dishonest

- Albanian Muslims Saved Jews from the Holocaust

- The Roman Centurion of Mersea Island
( phantom of the Roman empire )

Excerpt:  "... Mersea Island was a place where time seems to have stood still ..."

Mr. Taylor is also a Wizzler, i.e. publishes pages at Wizzley.com. He has about 100 pages, all very interesting; but these are my suggested picks.

- Guns for Children

- Stupidity is Everywhere

- Finland Home of Silly Contests

- Captains Who Abandon Ship

- Five Places You Don't Want to Live, or Even Visit

- The Tombs of New York City

* * Rupert Taylor's profile links:

Note:  Content first appeared at Bubblews.com but has been unpublished.

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