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08 May 2015

Save The Bahamas!

Have a personal interest in The Bahamas and have always adored Sean Connery. So when I discover any information that includes them both in the same sentence, have to know more!! Old news? Yes! This article is dated July 2014.

Sean Connery joins Bahamas campaign to stop billionaire developing mansion -

BTW, I love the British newspaper The Guardian . Very glad that it's online and just noticed this publication won the Pulitzer Prize for 2014 for distinguished journalism. Bravo! [ as Clint Eastwood would say :) ] Also, just started following their Google+ business page . The page only has about 5 million followers. They could use another one. :)

But getting back to the article. It's some brew ha ha about an environmental matter and there were allegations about "special treatment" being given by government officials, and Mr. Connery wanted to lend his support, etc., etc.  

Forget the article. Read the comments! 

Image Credit »,_The_Bahamas 

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Content first appeared at, May 6, 2015
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