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14 March 2019

10 Must-Read Inspiring Biographies of Business Leaders Recommended by invites you to glean from the pages of the lives of the 10 Must-Read Inspiring Biographies of Business Leaders

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Reading real biographies is awesome!
But creating fake biographies sure sounds like fun!
This teacher suggests using a tool to study biographies differently.  The tool is called "Fakebook".  Just pretend you work for the CIA and you're making up a fake dossier. :)

10 December 2015

My Google Plus Business Page is Green!

Having a winning banner day today.

Don't know much, i.e. not a geek and technologically challenged.

Do know that Google has always supplied these wonderful webmaster tools and when the social network was set up, they offer the Plus Your Business resources, etc., to help the user become successful. But they don't put you in a high chair and feed you baby food. OK! Some stuff you have to learn on your own. Nevertheless, you have no excuse because they gave you the tools. You need to apply your talents!

My talents or tech skills level is on a learn as you go basis. Never been formally trained or educated in harnessing the Internet, HTML coding and so on.

Getting to the point of this post.

TODAY is a banner day. Why? Because … IT'S ALL GREEN!

Green is good! Way better than red. 

Any non-geek can understand that.

Don't want to to bore you with the sad story but my first home business Google Plus page was suspended. Asked for review but didn't wait for it. Thought to myself:

'Hmmm? Suspended? (O.o) Uuuhh? That's not the same as BANNED or BANISHED! Right?'

Kind of like having the same attitude as the librarian character played by Rachel Weisz in the 2001 movie, “The Mummy Returns”.

  • Script: “ … drink from The Nile. Oh! That doesn't sound too bad.” (Uh oh! YIKES!!)

The Mummy
So my rationale was:

  • A suspended G+ page is like “drinking from The Nile”.


  • Being banned or banished from Google Plus altogether is like facing off with the Scorpion king.

Decided the suspension wasn't all that bad.

Scrapped the suspended business page and started over.

The screen shot below is of my replacement page, Home Business Works G+. Each time my page is opened the stats appear to let me know if the public is receiving it well or totally ignoring it.

Well today … the stats for the last 30 days are ALL GREEN!!

Woo Hoo!!

Had to make a screen shot of it!

Looking forward to 2016.

08 May 2015

Save The Bahamas!

Have a personal interest in The Bahamas and have always adored Sean Connery. So when I discover any information that includes them both in the same sentence, have to know more!! Old news? Yes! This article is dated July 2014.

Sean Connery joins Bahamas campaign to stop billionaire developing mansion -

BTW, I love the British newspaper The Guardian . Very glad that it's online and just noticed this publication won the Pulitzer Prize for 2014 for distinguished journalism. Bravo! [ as Clint Eastwood would say :) ] Also, just started following their Google+ business page . The page only has about 5 million followers. They could use another one. :)

But getting back to the article. It's some brew ha ha about an environmental matter and there were allegations about "special treatment" being given by government officials, and Mr. Connery wanted to lend his support, etc., etc.  

Forget the article. Read the comments! 

Image Credit »,_The_Bahamas 

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Content first appeared at, May 6, 2015
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30 January 2015

Do You Like Selfies? Then You'll Like Facefeed.

Are you into selfies? I'm not. I'm into rainbows. Apparently there's a great new app called Facefeed. You don't have to connect it to your email or social feeds like Facebook, which means you can put your face out there and share all your "cheese grins" without the whole wide world getting all up in your face. Awesome if you have a nice face. The way I look these days, my mug shot will not be distributed! I don't deceive myself. I'm Treathyl Fox. Not Megan Fox. :)

  Megan Fox. 
Megan Fox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Beginner's Guide to Facefeed, a New Social Network Revolving Around Selfies

World's Meanest App? Facefeed Ranks You Based On How Many Strangers Like Your Selfie

28 October 2014

First Public Share Via My Google Plus Business Page

First post via my Google Plus business page for Cmoneyspinner's Home Business Projects.

  • Link to post shared Jun 14, 2012.

The post about Angel Mae Taylor has sentimental value for me. The first article published online that actually showed my name as the author was written about her. It's one of those "firsts" memories.  Kind of like putting your first dollar you earned from your own business in a picture frame.  Although if you're striving to eek out a living by way of the Internet like me, it's a lot more like laminating your first penny!  :)  C'est la vie!



Created another business page.  Hoping to get it right this time!  :)

Starting a Home Business? -

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07 October 2014

My HomeBiz Project: Everyday Exotic Spices

Been working at home on various projects since 2007. EverydayExotic Spices is one of my affiliate marketing websites which has been up and running for a few years. Visit the site directly and also the business pages on Google+ and Facebook. EES shares recipes, cooking tips and all things foodie!

Stock Image - Season's Bounty
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For nutritious and Easy to Make Vegetable Side Recipes to Include in your Meals, click links below.

14 July 2014

09 April 2014

My First Blog Post at My Blog Stop! Welcome!

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by.  Today is April 9, 2014 and this is my first blog post for My Blog Spot written to inform you, the reader or visitor, that this blog is currently under construction.  Have tried my hand at a variety of different blog publishing platforms and decided to create one using  If you have the patience, please bear with me while I get it up and running.  Meanwhile, feel free to visit a few of my other blogs around the web.  I have several.  Check out these (and some sample posts below)!!

(Updated post Sep 1, 2016 for new blogs.)
(Updated post Oct 7, 2016 for new blogs.) 

Express Yourself!
Why should others speak for you? :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My Pain, Your Gain!
Advice for newbies and others who want to work at home. 
Learn from my mistakes.  :)

Finally, if you're hanging around on Google Plus and have an opportunity, please visit my business page.


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