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07 January 2020

Happy 2020! Will There Be a World War 3? Let's Discuss.

Ever since mankind realized that they were supposed to be counting wars ... people are on the edge because they are rightfully concerned about the possibility and regularly ask this question:

Will there be a World War 3?

There are lively discussions going in many online communities.  I donated my "two cents" to a discussion in a forum.  This is what I said:

* * *
"NOSTRADAMUS predictions for 2018 have foretold one of the worst years in global history with a string of natural disasters, the fall of the economy, and the start of World War 3."
Nostradamus 2018 predictions: World War 3 and disaster BUT survivors could live to 200
Eh! I never believed anything attributed to Nostradamus. Frankly I don't think there will be a 3rd world war because, although the countries possess nuclear weapons, nobody in their right mind really wants to use them. In a nuclear-to-nuclear showdown there are NO WINNERS. The fallout from the use of nuclear weapons is unimaginable. The earth - the land, the oceans and the sky - will be ruined FOR EVERYBODY!!
North Korea warns of nuclear showdown, ...

* * *
I made the statements above on May 25, 2018, and searched for related links on the web (see below).

:yawn: It's January 2020 and wouldn't you know it? We're having this discussion. ... AGAIN! :crazy:

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