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21 February 2021

Just survived the “historic” February 2021 winter storm of Texas. (Reblog)

Just survived the “historic” February 2021 winter storm of Texas. 

It's the first time the entire state was told to brace for the snow.  We were not ready for it!  My electricity was off for a week,  My water is still not turned on.  We have bottled water for drinking but we can't flush our toilets.  It's awful!  Because I had no electricity, I could not access the Internet.  I finally got access back on Saturday and signed in to sites I was using to make money online and earn cryptocurrencies.  One of my favorite sites is Noise.Cash. You earn Bitcoin Cash at that site. When I was finally able to sign in I shared a music video by Ed Sheeran (  I guess because I had not signed in for a few days I did not get any Free Tips.  (Join the site and you'll figure out what the Free Tips are.)  Hope I can get ball rolling again!  

On the last day of the storm when the weather started warming up again, my daughter said she heard a bird singing.  It's what woke her up.  Peace and Love everybody!!

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