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10 December 2016

Google Plus Collections Feature - Where to Next?

In May 2015, I published a quick post via Daily Two Cents titled Google Plus Collections Feature to express my excitement about this new feature added to the Google Plus social network. Started experimenting with it by creating three (3) collections for my foodie business page, Everyday Exotic Spices.  Was it worth the effort?  Let me share some info and stats.

CHEESE Meltdown
- 13,051 Followers - 66 Posts

A collection devoted to cheese lovers everywhere. Smile and say cheese!

PIZZA Cravings
- 39,295 Followers - 58 Posts

Pizza goes back to the 6th century. Pizza lovers took it forward! We got this!

WORLD Cuisine
- 993 Followers - 77 Posts

World Cuisine. Global Flavors. Ethnic Respect. Everybody loves good food!

Concluded my DTC post with this paragraph:

"Where to next? Not a clue. It’s an adventure! Just set up my groupings 3 days ago and don’t have a prediction. However, can say (1) it’s easy and fun; and (2) it appears these Collections are going to add value to my overall Internet experience, business-wise and otherwise."

Well this post is about where I went next.
Follow along!

Created several more G+ collections.  One more for my foodie page; one for my shopping business page; two for my work-at-home / home business brand account; and three for my profile.  Why?  Why not??  It's easy to do.  G+  posts are indexed.  It's a "type" of advertising.  It is very similar to Pinterest with respect to organizing items of interests to you.  Also, you can add your shares from several years back and retrieve them later if they are in your collection. (G+ users probably know how hard can be sometimes to find your old posts.)   It's sort of like Facebook memories, but not quite.  Here is a list of my new collections created since 2015.

By - 848 Followers - 8 Posts - Public

Grocery shop online, food gifts, for the kitchen, happy homemaking ideas, etc.

By - 103 Followers - 86 Posts - Public

Wish List, Shopaholic, Gifts for Holidays, B-Days, Etc. Just Shop! Get the idea?

By - 225 Followers - 39 Posts - Public

Gathered mainly for those who work at home but anyone in business will benefit.

By - 229 Followers - 170 Posts - Public

Online writing communities and blogs can provide a stream of residual income.

By - 5,284 Followers - 335 Posts - Public

Self-employed. Writer, blogger, affiliate marketer, investor. THINKER. DOER.

By - 5,274 Followers - 14 Posts - Public

Art, illustrations, photographs ... anything about foxes. :)

By - 5,269 Followers - 1 Post - Public

Follow on Tumblr ~ microblogging, curating content, social networking, etc.

So what about you? Have you had a positive experience creating Google Plus Collections?

10 December 2015

My Google Plus Business Page is Green!

Having a winning banner day today.

Don't know much, i.e. not a geek and technologically challenged.

Do know that Google has always supplied these wonderful webmaster tools and when the social network was set up, they offer the Plus Your Business resources, etc., to help the user become successful. But they don't put you in a high chair and feed you baby food. OK! Some stuff you have to learn on your own. Nevertheless, you have no excuse because they gave you the tools. You need to apply your talents!

My talents or tech skills level is on a learn as you go basis. Never been formally trained or educated in harnessing the Internet, HTML coding and so on.

Getting to the point of this post.

TODAY is a banner day. Why? Because … IT'S ALL GREEN!

Green is good! Way better than red. 

Any non-geek can understand that.

Don't want to to bore you with the sad story but my first home business Google Plus page was suspended. Asked for review but didn't wait for it. Thought to myself:

'Hmmm? Suspended? (O.o) Uuuhh? That's not the same as BANNED or BANISHED! Right?'

Kind of like having the same attitude as the librarian character played by Rachel Weisz in the 2001 movie, “The Mummy Returns”.

  • Script: “ … drink from The Nile. Oh! That doesn't sound too bad.” (Uh oh! YIKES!!)

The Mummy
So my rationale was:

  • A suspended G+ page is like “drinking from The Nile”.


  • Being banned or banished from Google Plus altogether is like facing off with the Scorpion king.

Decided the suspension wasn't all that bad.

Scrapped the suspended business page and started over.

The screen shot below is of my replacement page, Home Business Works G+. Each time my page is opened the stats appear to let me know if the public is receiving it well or totally ignoring it.

Well today … the stats for the last 30 days are ALL GREEN!!

Woo Hoo!!

Had to make a screen shot of it!

Looking forward to 2016.

03 October 2014

Blogger Buzz: Expanding your audience with Google+: Kelly Saks' story (Reblog)

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An exemplary blog - Kelly Saks from Kelly's Kloset - selected by the Blogger Team to show others how to increase your audience with Blogger and Google+ and other Google products. Featured August 2013.

28 August 2014

Get Firsthand Business Feedback | Google Helps You Manage Your Business (Reblog)

Get your business verified and then see and respond to reviews by Google users.

English: A business ideally is continually see...
English: A business ideally is continually seeking feedback from customers: are the products helpful? are their needs being met? Constructive criticism helps marketers adjust offerings to meet customer needs. Source of diagram: here (see public domain declaration at top). Questions: write me at my Wikipedia talk page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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