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13 November 2018

Entertainment: Movie Review: "The Preacher's Wife" (1996)

In the mood for a movie that is charming, silly and sweet?  Well this film is perfect!  The Preacher's Wife ” is a movie which starred the late Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012) and Denzel Washington.  It's a delightful remake of the 1947 classic which starred Cary Grant and Loretta Young, "The Bishop's Wife".

Yeah! I know. No angel Dudley mentioned in the Bible.

Come to think of it? No angel mentioned anywhere except for this movie!

Ms. Houston's character is married to a preacher. Hence the film's title. Her marital relationship could use some "outside" or even "heavenly" intervention if it is to be saved.

The Preacher's Wife

The movie was OK. Not worth an academy award nomination. But the soundtrack makes it worth watching. Especially this particular song: Step by Step .  

“Step by step. … bit by bit … stone by stone … brick by brick … Don't give up! …”

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17 April 2015

Your Song Lyrics Equal Your Money?

Advice for budding new artists:
You Wrote the Song – You’re Entitled to the Money. 

Those aren’t the exact words the man said but he sure did drive his point home.


It happened because one man had written a song and couldn’t remember the words to his own song. He searched for the lyrics on the Internet and found them. He also found websites that were earning money by supplying the lyrics to the songs that he had written and he wasn’t getting a red cent! What could he do about it?

Here’s the link that tells the whole story.

I am so much wiser now. Before listening to the report on the radio I did not know who David Lowery was nor did I know that Rap Genius was a site where you could get song lyrics.

Most of the time, I can usually find the words to a song at A-Z Lyrics Universe.

Also, I very much appreciate the representative for Rap Genius clarifying the difference between a “desirable website” versus an “undesirable website”. It’s a fine legal line indeed! (Wink wink.)

Music Industry Survival Guide

Very pleased that the matter was settled expeditiously and the legal understanding was explained in such a way that everyday people like me could get it! This is not quite the same scenario but … When the late Michael Jackson bought the publishing rights to The Beatles catalog of music, Sir Paul McCartney was extremely upset. Furious is probably a better word. Why wouldn't he be? But the purchase transaction was perfectly legal. Mr. Jackson's response or reaction was: “It's just business, Paul.” Legal or not, to me, it seemed and still seems downright WRONG! If you're still living, you should reap the benefits of your “labor”.

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