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15 March 2018, the Perelman Premise and GOLD!

“Content is king, distribution is queen, and she wears the pants”.  ~ Jonathan Perelman, Veep of Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed. works off the Perelman premise. 
~ You curate the content. 
~ They help you distribute it. is a D.I.Y. content curation tool that helps you organize, publish and circulate content; including random content.  Launched in 2011 and within a year and a half, 75 million users had signed up.

Several years back, someone invited me to try - a content curation tool. In an effort to try to keep up with ever-changing information technology and because no fee was involved, decided it was a tool worth testing. My initial efforts resulted in the creation of three topics.

My first tests included using the interface to my blogs. If you publish a “scoop” or write a post at, you can share it to your blog simultaneously or at a later date. If you are on the Google Plus social network you can also share your content there also.

There is a free plan and an upgraded plan. With the upgrades, you can add more social accounts and/or blogs.

Must confess that my activity has been limited because other work-at-home projects which have been consuming my time and energy. But for the new year, decided to add as a priority task on my “To Do List” for 2016 and pick back up where I left off.  That turned out to be a good home business management decision. To my surprise, one of my topics has leveled up to GOLD!! It was quite a surprise when they gave me a silver ribbon. But GOLD??!! That type of recognition and support is very encouraging.

The content curation service has too many plusses to list, but here are a few you should consider:

+1) Links from the site are recognized by the search engines.

+2) The site owners have an informative blog loaded with tips and advice.

+2) It's a great sharing tool and also good for research.

+4) The interface to blogs or pages streamlines your work process and saves time.

* * *

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06 May 2017

Perleman's Content Strategy Tip : Gotta Respect the Queen

It's been around a few years but I haven't quite latched on to BuzzFeed craze (if it is a craze).  But it may be a powerful tool according to Jonathan Pereleman (head of BuzzFeed).  Besides, I like when people figure out a way to insert a Queen in the game plan.  đŸ˜

Although I don't know how to play chess, I do know the queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess.  Somehow the idea of that is very appealing to me.  I can't explain why.  I'm not really a power-monger.  I believe it's because the queen is a woman that even though she's called "powerful", her power (or strength) is in her compassion and gentleness, like Queen Esther.  That's a generalization, of course.  Some women who get to reign can be real bloody heifers, like Jezebel and her daughter, Athaliah!

(Image credit:   Lord of the Rings Collector Chess Set
 32 playing pieces made in fine pewter bear an amazing resemblance to the characters in the film. )

Regardless of whether or not you can understand my flawless logic, I'm sharing and keeping this video link for education and reference.

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Ballard, Kirsten. "5 Answers with Jonathan Perelman." News Media Alliance. N.p., 12 Jan. 2017. Web. 06 May 2017. 

5 Answers with Jonathan Perelman | News Media Alliance

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