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25 March 2019

Blogging Advice, Tips and Tricks : Refresh Your Old Content

Revisiting your old blog posts is always a good idea, if for no other reason than to fix the broken links. But with the constantly evolving and ever-changing online landscape, the content or information may need to be updated. Particularly if you published reviews and/or recommendations. If you have been blogging for a while then you know this is a must-do task. If you're a newbie blogger, you will bookmark this tip for future reference. 

Occasionally, an update is totally pointless. You need to delete the post or the article and just get rid of it! If you're an online entrepreneur, this is a project you should do in your “down time”, i.e. after you've taken care of your priority tasks: banging out blog posts (or articles), responding to comments, social media sharing and other blog promotion activities, etc. Perhaps set aside a few hours each week or every other week to revisit and review old blog posts.

If you have affiliate marketing websites or blogs, sometimes vendors you are approved for discontinue their program. You don't always get the memo or the eMail. You should test your referral links at your site to make sure they lead the visitor to correct landing page. Often my click testing indicated the link is inactive which is not only upsetting because there was no notification as to “when” that happened, but it also makes you wonder how many other people also clicked it, got the error message, and then left your site never to return. (My thoughts or worries.)

There are supposedly free tools that can help you with this effort, i.e. help you find broken links. They are available but I have yet to use one successfully. However, others have. So don't let my lack of skills hinder you.

It's your work and if it's perfectly good work, don't let it go to waste. This blogging tip can not be stressed enough. If you serious about your blogging, then make time to refresh or update your old content. Content that dates back several years may still be critical and relevant. Do your best to salvage what you can. You never know.  May be a gold mine buried in there!

Don't just take my advice. Listen to the advice of professionals.

Wake Up Old Blogs Posts And Get Them Working Again | Blogtrepreneur - For Busy Entrepreneurs

04 February 2018

The Year of the Publisher: 5 Ways to Monetize Your Content – Infolinks (Reblog)

Article sites “challenges” which likely impacted your content marketing strategy, beginning its list with ad blockers and then posing the question: How can these be overcome?

Most popular methods will be: 
  • quality SEO (search engine optimization); 
  • since more people search on their mobiles there is a trend towards responsive ads; 
  • eMail marketing is being enhanced; 
  • using brand journalism and affiliate marketing with the aim of giving the client or customers an extra value-add and turning traffic into shopping.

The most encouraging statement was made at the conclusion of the article, i.e. “the good news are that it’s not impossible to do.”

To read full content click link below:

The Year of the Publisher: 5 Ways to Monetize Your Content – Infolinks

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25 May 2017

Why Do You Want to Be Friends?

One of the members in another community wrote about social media addiction. I left a comment but this is sort of a follow up. My additional thoughts are much too lengthy to put in a comments box.

I'm not addicted to social media. For me, it's a form of free advertising; plain and simple. I have affiliate marketing websites and blogs. I have to share them somewhere to get traffic to them. But it's also a way to meet new people and make friends; something that's hard to do since I work from home.

Been active on Facebook for well over 5 years. That's what my Facebook memories indicate. I've lost track of the time. I rarely send out friend requests. Perhaps I might meet somebody elsewhere in another community, so I connect with them via FB because it's easy. I recognize them from elsewhere. They usually recognize me. So they click the “Confirm” button.

For about a year, I have been getting requests from people I don't know. I imagine that my profile has somehow gained visibility and people who see my activity want to hook up. I actually had a person click a feature that lets them follow me because my timeline is interesting to them. I'm OK with getting friend requests from strangers. Many of our friends were once a stranger to us. What I'm not OK with is that suspicious feeling of not knowing IF these are real people. Especially the ones with new profiles. I don't want to ignore a human being who is just seeking friendship. But I also don't want some “deadbeat ghost faker” latched on to my profile and following me around. Why?  It feels so queer.  It's not as if I'm a celebrity.  Not that stalking celebrities is OK.  But latching on a nobody also opens a door for "interpretation of one's true intent".

Sometimes I accept friend requests from people I don't know and sometimes I don't. How do I choose? Once might accuse me of “racial profiling”. But I know for a fact it's just “wild guessing”. I look at the person's profile, see if there's something that looks like we have a commonality (or not), and I might click “Confirm” or I might click “Delete”. Sometimes I confirm and go back later and delete. Why? Eh! There was really nothing happening to keep us connected. I had some down time, so I cleaned up my “Friends” network. It's just housekeeping. Nothing personal. After all, it was you who approached with me with the friend request. If you didn't really want to associate with me then why did you send me the friend request in the first place?

I set a goal a while back to reach a Facebook social network of 1000. I've been at 900+ for years. Never knew that goal would be so hard to attain. On Google Plus I'm at 5000 and I don't even know it happened!! Why 1000 for Facebook? Uuumm … it's a round even number. I like round numbers.

Summarizing my thoughts:

Facebook is called Facebookistan because it's membership is large enough for the network to be its own country!

FACT: “... Facebook connects more than nine hundred million monthly users, some 80 percent outside of the United States” (Source: First Stop on the Electronic Silk Road: “Facebookistan”. Yale Books Unbound, 07 Aug. 2013. )


Out of more than 900 million users, why did you pick me to send me a friend request to?

What is that makes people from various parts of the world that I've never met want to send me a friend request?

♦ ♦ ♦

22 February 2017

Are You a Newbie Blogger? Check Out WAH Tips and Tricks

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25 January 2016 - Web Analysis for

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